How do you get musty smells out of an old used RV?

Got an old used RV, smells like a dead rat, Cleaned it, but I couldn’t take out all the pumps, wiring, and water tank to clean around. I also used the shop vac. I am letting it air out, because something may still be in the frame. So, I am asking, how to get the smell out after cleaning what I could reach. This thing sat in a field for two years and A friend gave it to me. Any tips for an old rv would be welcome. It runs good and the fridge and stove work fine, as does the pump and hot water. Thanks.

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One Response to How do you get musty smells out of an old used RV?

  1. beanbag says:

    The first thing I would suggest is a thorough search of the RV to determine if a field animal got into the vehicle. A dead mammal reeks and it is a very strong smell that won’t go away, even with an airing out. After you have made sure that is not the problem, I would suggest two main steps that are quite easy to accomplish. Additionally, there are some optional steps should you require an all out attack on odor.
    1. Go to home improvement store and buy product called "Damp Rid." This is one product that truly delivers. Use it as directed and you will be amazed to find it soaks up humidity, dampness and odors. (I use it in my teenager’s closets and any place that remains closed to air circulation.)
    2. Place some bowls of white vinegar througout the RV for a few days. Ignore the vinegar smell, as it will dissipate eventually, along with the odors. After a few days, air out the RV and you should find the air smells much cleaners. (Someone suggested this treatment would rid a house of fish smells after cooking, and it works REMARKABLY well for fish or any other stinky smell.)
    3. You may want to sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and on the bedding, and chairs to tackle left over odors.
    4. Spray "Oust" spray or Lysol disenfectant spray throughout.

    If all else fails, hire a pest control person to search (for an up-front agreed upon price) for dead rodents. Good luck!

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